Personalized service:
a personalized service means the confirmation of many aspects at every stage of the production of your project. After studying the plans in DWG or PDF format (image 1) and the approval of an estimate, the next step, with the DWG format, is to send a model image with no textures (image 2). This image serves to confirm the modeling and the viewing angle. That angle can be changed but a big difference might mean an small extra on your bill. Following your confirmation, the next step is to send a first color preliminary with the required textures (image 3). At this stage, it's important for you to be able to view this image on different monitors, as there sometimes are variants in tones. Then, adjustments et productions of further preliminaries if needed (image 4).
List of services:
 - 3D exterior perspective (see Images page -Exterior section)
 - 3D interior perspective (see Images page -Interior section)
 - Animations and Interactive Animations (in .XML format -see Interactive Animations page):
 Traditional ; infinite choices of angles and movements
 Perpetual or Looped ; short animation playing in a loop
 Exterior 360 ; with the mouse, you can move left and right like in the example. But you can also move up and down, if asked.
 Single Panorama ; with the mouse, you can move in all directions in a single room.
Multiple Panorama ; same as the single version but there are multiple rooms that you can enter by clicking on links somewhere close to the doors.
There are also images of some rooms and floor plans on which you can click to enlarge.
Navigate with buttons (zoom, auto rotation, movement).
Note : you have a complete choice of variants; single room with buttons or multiple without, it's your choice.
 - Color plans ; textured version from the architects plans, provide by the costumer (floors, elevation, implantation).
 - Photo-integration
 (see Images page
  - Special projects
you provide a picture (or we go and take it) on which we integrate your new building in 3D.
 - Anaglyph 3D ; version that can be viewed in stereoscopy (like in the theaters) if you have glasses with the right colors (blue and red).

Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about the the different options.