Produced from architect's plans et enhanced by your imagination, a 3D image is an excellent tool for COMMUNICATION. For promoters or architects, to advertise or obtain approval from authorities.
In addition to choosing details of your project, 3D TECHNOLOGY allows you an infinite choice of viewing angles. For a simple image or an animation, not to mention interactive animations.
TIC---Time, the 4th dimension
TIME spent in the comfort of your home is priceless. But TIME is also money. That's why a variety of prices are available, depending on complexity, amount of images and time frame.
Architecture customized 3D images
Hey-Clic-Tic-3D's vision is to offer you a personalized service at competitive prices. Some elements might be reused if no special demands are made but no already made scenery.
You have a specific garden or want to add characters, no problem.
Your satisfaction is very important for three reasons:
professional; you pay for a service, you deserve a final product that satisfies you,
personal satisfaction; this concept is very important to anyone working with us,
fidelity; we have to think of ourselves a bit too and your satisfaction augments the chances that we will collaborate together again.
So for a personalized service that involves multiple exchange (text and image-test) at the start of any new project. This does not preclude flexibility when the project is more advanced. Visit the other pages to inform you of all the available services but do not hesitate to contact us to ask questions, several other services may be possible.